Top-Tier Maintenance Program - Residential

Bi-annual maintenance is an important part of making sure your HVAC system is working as efficiently and safely as possible. By keeping a set maintenance schedule in place you can prevent and/or catch problems before they cause more damage. We recommend that our customers change their filters once a month and enroll in a maintenance program that performs a full system performance and safety check two times per year. 

A lot of companies only check the furnace in the fall and the air conditioner in the summer. We do it a bit differently here at Top-Tier Mechanical. We inspect the full system (heating and cooling) twice per year. We know that just because you aren't using one part of your HVAC system as often as the other, doesn't mean that it should be ignored. We strive for Top-Tier service for all our customers and know that your HVAC system is a huge investment that needs to be taken care of consistently. 

Give us a call today to enroll in our Top-Tier Maintenance Program and start enjoying the membership benefits that go along with it! You can either pay in full the $189 for your one year term or make monthly payments of $15.25 per month. We offer both in order to help our customers budget this necessary upkeep without breaking the bank! 

Take a look below at what our Top-Tier Maintenance program entails. Scroll through the photos to see what issues can arise when your system isn't taken care of on a consistent basis.