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Furnace/Central Heating

Keeping your home or business comfortable throughout the year is a concern we take seriously and we know you do to. We offer a multitude of services to make sure our customers are taken care of in a timely manner. Our customers comfort & safety always comes first. 

Furnace/Central Heating Replacement

Have you noticed that your heating system is making some strange noises? Or perhaps your utility bill has drastically increased without any other reason? This can be a sign that your system needs to be repaired or replaced. The decision to replace your furnace/heating system is not to be taken lightly. If your system is over 10 years old there is a good chance that it is time to look for a newer unit for health, safety, and energy bill concerns. The reduction in your utility bill alone may be worth the cost of upgrading to a newer system. 

Top-Tier Mechanical provides Free In-Home Estimates to help you find out what solution works best for you. We will answer all questions to help you make this decision as the safety and comfort of our customers is are first priority. 

Furnace Repair

When your Furnace/central heating system isn't working properly its time to call a licensed & certified HVAC professional! If your system is making strange noises, not producing warm air, noticeable odor coming from your vents, or even just not turning on at all, call us to make an appointment today!

Delaying service can sometimes cause more extensive damage to your system. If you look for ways to fix it yourself you can sometimes even accidentally void manufacturer warranties. That is why the best solution is to rely on an experienced HVAC professional to diagnose your system and see what is going on!

Our technicians are licensed, certified, and industry trained on the inner workings of all major brands of equipment. We know what the manufacturer specifications are and will make sure your system is repaired just as the manufacturer intended.

Our pricing is competitive  and you will always receive an estimate before we move forward with any repairs. Don't delay, reach out to us today for reasonable pricing, honest assessments, and efficient service. 

Heating System Maintenance

Heating System Maintenance is one of the most overlooked services by our customers. Your heating system is a very large investment. New systems today can cost upwards of $5,000. Performing a bi-annual maintenance should not be a last resort after your system starts having issues.

Think of it like a car. If you don't perform regular oil changes for your vehicle the internal components in your vehicle suffer, you can lose your manufacturer warranty, and your safety can be in jeopardy. All that holds true for your heating  system as well.

In order to keep your manufacturer warranties you need to have proof of an annual maintenance. We recommend a bi-annual full system maintenance, just twice a year to inspect top to bottom, inside and out, and make sure your system isn't showing any signs of safety issues or potential problems.

Follow the link below to check out everything that is covered in a full system maintenance and to learn about our Top-Tier Maintenance Program that starts as low as $15.25 per month!